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As a strategic communications agency, we provide a trusted advisory service to clients. Strategy is an essential part of any public relations programme; the coordinating theme or factor, the rationale behind the tactics. We’ll help you to enhance the strategic position of your business and boost competitiveness between you and your competitors. We’ll help you incorporate information flow, communication, media development and reputation management to gain clarity and consistency when it comes to the messages, the media channels, and the audiences. We’ll continually offer research and analysis, task analysis, execution, and assessment.

From strategy to tactics

Once a programme has been devised, we’ll help to implement and execute a strategic set of tactics to help realise the objectives. We’ll work with you to ensure tactics are related to strategy and strategy to tactics, ensuring the overall direction of the programme remains on track. Put simply, strategy provides the ‘how to’, and tactics give the activity programme in detail. Our experience of managing multiple programmes and campaigns, as well as advising organisations at the highest level, means you’ll benefit from an appropriate and deliverable strategic communications plan. Whether you’re looking to change attitudes and behaviours, adapt your organisation’s position within your industry, or make radical changes that are set to impact on multiple stakeholders, we’re here to help.

Corporate and Growth strategy

We’ll help your organisation to develop and deliver strategic opportunities, providing in-depth market, competitor and consumer insight.

Transaction Strategy

Northern Hive can support you with the overall development and evaluation of your transaction strategy. This will help you assess and prioritise investment and portfolio optimisation opportunities as well as identify targets.

Restructuring and Turnaround Strategy

COVID-19 will force organisations to reshape and adjust. We’ll help your organisation change its focus to incorporate financial and business restructuring while remaining ethical and transparent.

Company Sales & Acquisitions

We’ve helped a number of organisations with their overall communications strategy once a sale, separation or acquisition appears on the horizon. We’ll help with both internal and external communications.

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