Research and insights can help you better understand the concerns of your audience, allowing you to better address their needs.

Analytical. Opportunistic. Targeted.

Having better data and more meaningful insight enables businesses to make more effective decisions. We use a combination of technology, social media, DIY research and big data to collect real-time statistics and utilise them within our communications campaigns.

It’s essential to connect with your potential audience and understand their views and problems. By conducting extensive market research among customers, stakeholders, industry bodies and journalists, we’ll gather a picture of where your market is moving and help you to identify potential opportunities. We can also target out communications and content efforts with the intelligence of how our audience is behaving and consuming information.


Market research is an essential part of our communications campaigns. We use a variety of methods according to the specific client and industry. We’ll run panel testing, market segmentation, pricing analysis, competitor comparisons, polls and surveys, and satisfaction analysis.


Once the research has been carried out, we’ll help you create a story built around the results. Using data not only helps businesses manage their reputation effectively and meet the needs of customers, but also to create compelling and newsworthy media stories.


We continually monitor all our communications campaigns, and add updated data intermittently. This enables us to change and react to any emerging trends in your market and position your brand in the right place at the right time.

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