We’re an international public relations agency helping brands to tell their story and persuade audiences.

Integrated public relations at the heart of your organisation

Put simply, public relations can be described as the guardian of an organization’s ‘licence to operate’. As the demands of society and the needs of organizations change, we’ll implement a programme that brings outside perspective to your decision-making.

Public relations at every level

Societal Level – The Orienter

As a protector of your organization, we’ll work with you to retain your societal mandate by keeping your corporate strategies in a direction that maintains stakeholder support. We’ll create a programme that appropriately articulates your organisation’s values and purpose, involving and engaging critical stakeholders as required.

Value-Chain Level – The Catalyst

We’ll work with you to embed a value chain within your organization, taking note of stakeholder perspectives in the creation, design or delivery of services and products. Acting as a catalyst, we’ll work with you to ensure the delivery of organizational objectives. The result is a series of systems, processes and structures that reflect your brand purpose and values.

Corporate Level – The Navigator

At the corporate level, we’ll bring stakeholder perspectives into every aspect of your decision-making, ensuring that relational, reputational capital and cultural alignment are factored in. We’ll also help you navigate conflicting stakeholder demands, a common occurrence in larger organizations.

Functional Level – The Implementer

At the functional level, we’ll design and deliver the relevant communication activities to meet the various societal, corporate, stakeholder and service-user objectives. Typically, we’ll engage all departments and use a variety of tactics including media relations, social media, influencer campaigns, inbound and content marketing, and SEO strategies.

Connect with influencers, become a thought leader in your industry

Influencers are an important part of any public relations strategy due to their ability to impact purchasing decisions or change behaviours. We’ll help you to identify, connect and engage with the most powerful influencers in your sector. We’ll also work strategically to place you as a thought leader in your industry, securing guest posts and comment pieces to bolster your professional reputation.

Engage employees and stakeholders

At a time when every employee has a platform on which to share their views, companies must prioritise their relationships with these “consumer insiders”. We’ll help you build relationships with your employees, nurturing trust and empowering them to become advocates of your brand. We’ll also work with you to strategically and seamlessly communicate with your stakeholders. We keep the following factors in mind when considering any stakeholder communications campaign:

Range of Stakeholders

Whether you have a varied or narrow range of stakeholders, we’ll cater the communications programme to suit their individual attitudes, needs and relationship.

Influence and Power

Stakeholders can have a great variety of influence and power over an organization and it is vital to hold a thorough understanding of this. While the most powerful stakeholders may not always need to get the most attention, their concerns and individual needs must be taken into consideration.

Number and Location of Stakeholders

While some organizations have a range of stakeholders that fit into a uniform block, others will have stakeholders attached to a particular project or in a specific geographical area.


Some stakeholders are intimately involved with an organization while others have a more distant or remote relationship. We’ll work with you to have a clear perception of each relationship and their individual needs.

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