We’re an international public relations agency helping brands to tell their story and persuade audiences.

Communicate. Inform. Persuade.

Press Coverage

We believe every great PR campaign starts with a great idea. That’s why our creative team works as an ideas factory, churning out creative story-telling campaigns that earn masses of media coverage.

Influencer Relations

Influencers are an important part of any public relations strategy due to their ability to impact purchasing decisions or change behaviours. We’ll help you to identify, connect and engage with the most powerful influencers in your sector.

Employee Relations

At a time when every employee has a platform on which to share their views, companies must prioritise their relationships with these “consumer insiders”. We’ll help you build relationships with your employees, nurturing trust and empowering them to become advocates of your brand.

Public Affairs

There are many critical moments and movements that can directly or indirectly affect your organisation. We’ll work with you to engage audiences on the most critical issues having an impact on your business. Using data and continual monitoring methods, we can advise you on how to best implement change.


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