Northern Hive is an international PR and communications agency that helps brands in the technology, B2B and consumer sectors to tell their story and build their brand.

A Global PR and Communications Agency

Trusted Advisors

Our team of experienced PR and communications professionals create effective, strategic campaigns that stand out from today’s crowded marketplace. Our specialists have experience in their respective industries, as well as in the PR and marketing field. Through traditional and digital methods, we’ll help your brand to grow client awareness, engagement, and revenue as well as managing stakeholder relationships.

International PR Agency

Northern Hive’s presence in the UK, US, and Canada allow clients to benefit from global media contacts and an international reach. This is particularly important in the technology and engineering sector where innovation expands beyond borders. Working across numerous timezones means your brand also benefits from around the clock support.

Communications Strategy
Industry Trends

We believe brands like yours should make decisions based on intelligence, data, and facts, and take our role as trusted communications advisors and analysts seriously. We use monitoring and intelligence systems assessed by industry experts to monitor competitors, customers, and key trends. We report our findings to clients using news such as mergers and acquisitions as well as macroeconomic indicators to drive your next move.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is all about providing answers to key questions held by your audience. We’ll help you provide information or solutions to your audience, whether as a spokesperson on a media channel or via an online Q&A session. While thought leadership is a useful tactic at any time, it is particularly useful in response to a global news story or trend. Our ongoing industry monitoring means you’ll never miss an opportunity to respond to an emerging narrative.

Media Relations
Earned Media

Even in today’s social media world, relationships with the media are as important as ever. We’ll help to connect you with some of the most influential media sources to place SEO-rich content and earned media. Our team of writers place guest articles daily and have been featured in Trivago, Reader’s Digest and Forbes to name just a few. Our team also manages the rollout of newsworthy press bulletins that often result in media coverage.

Media Lists

Creating a tailored, targeted media list is the first step in any successful coverage campaign. Identifying the media outlets and contacts most relevant for your particular niche, story or industry is essential for a successful outcome. This helps us to identify the right journalist or outlet for your particular story or guest post and helps us to establish powerful, mutually beneficial relationships with your brand and the press.

Measurable Results

Our creative campaigns operate across multiple platforms and are insight-driven. Our results speak for themselves, having secured extensive media coverage both online and in print. As a modern media relations company, we use every platform available to us. These include broadcast, print, online and social. We’ve placed clients in publications including Forbes, The New York Post, The Washington Post, Metro, London Evening Standard, and many more.

Brand Perception & Reputation
Brand Perception

Managing any business without considering what your customers want – or think they want, is a surefire way to failure. We help clients understand how their company is perceived and make changes for the better. We’ll help you get to grips with your brand values, navigate the challenges and adopt them as opportunities rather than barriers to success.

Brand Relevance

What do the world’s most recognizable brands all have in common? They are the most relevant. We’ll help your brand adopt this winning approach to react to what customers need today and want for tomorrow. The world’s most successful companies do not remain in business because they do the same thing year after year, but because they are not afraid of doing things differently, embracing change and moving with the times.

Crisis Communications

We’ll create a plan that regains control over a rapidly changing narrative. Reputations built up over generations can be tarnished in an instant, and a cool head and clear communication plan are essential to ensure your business can move forward successfully. By engaging internal stakeholders and using an intelligence-led approach that incorporates digital monitoring, we can create a crisis plan that prepares you in advance.


Public relations plays a critical role in the crisis response by helping to develop the messages that are sent to various public audiences. We’ll work with you to manage an emerging crisis and control its impact. Reacting strategically and calmly to an emerging crisis is essential. Our qualified advisors help to control the crisis by:

  • Initiating a quick response
  • Accurately fact-checking
  • Managing consistency by keeping spokespeople well informed and maintaining key message points
  • Prioritizing public safety
  • Utilizing all media channels
  • Conveying empathy
  • Providing support and counsel for those involved, and laying out subsequent updates.

Once a crisis has been neutralized, it’s time to rebuild. In the post-crisis phase, the organization is returning to business as usual so our experienced consultants will help to control and shape the future narrative. During this phase, the crisis is no longer the focal point of managerial attention but still requires some attention. We’ll support you during this influential phase to help control the destiny of your brand. We’ll do this by:

  • Delivering all information promised to involved parties
  • Engaging stakeholders regularly and updating on corrective measures
  • Analyzing the crisis management efforts taken and integrate lessons into the business crisis action plan.
Event Management
Launch Events

Launching a new event, venue or product can be a daunting prospect. We’ll bring together influencers, press and potential clients to help you launch with a bang. Launch events are a great way to introduce your business and announce your arrival, and hiring the expertise of an event marketing agency like us will ensure you get the right attendees, maximum media exposure, and most importantly, convey the right message.

Events & Conferences

Whether you’re organizing a trade event or business conference, our experienced event management team can help with everything from delegate communications and invitations, to catering and venue arrangements. Our communications and marketing expertise prove particularly useful in helping you strike the right tone with your event and also ensure expansive media coverage and attention.

Press Events & FAMs

Media launches and events are a great way to provide relevant media contacts and outlets with the first glimpse of your brand, product or service. Hosting seasonal events such as “Christmas in July” is one example of the power of media events. Unveil your products or services for the season in advance, and benefit from additional exposure down the line. As you’d expect from an event marketing agency, we provide a full press event management services using our influential connections to get the right media attendees for your brand. We also help to arrange press trips and FAMs.

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