Event marketing with purpose

As a leading event marketing agency, we don’t just organise events for the sake of it. Each and every event or brand experience is delivered with the goal of reinforcing the message, telling the story of a brand with clarity, or to drive mass awareness and media coverage. Whether you’re about to launch a new business, bring a product to market, want to ensure your inclusion in future gift guides or are planning a digital conference, we can help. We’ll manage the budget, liaise with suppliers and ensure the right media and guests are in attendance. Whether you’re organizing an event or attending an event, we can help you prepare accordingly.

Online Marketing Events

Even without a global pandemic, digital marketing events provide brands with an unrivalled opportunity to reach a wider audience. In many ways, online marketing events can be more easily created and can be a powerful way to address timely topics.

In-Person Events

Nothing beats face-to-face communication, so in-person events will likely bounce back after the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve managed the organization and marketing of events from product launches to corporate anniversary celebrations.


Live webinars help facilitate engagement with prospects and customers. Webinars revolve around product demos, presentations, and discussions, and are usually 30-60 minutes long. We’ll help you create, schedule and market a one-off or series of webinars.

Trade Shows

Trade shows bring together individuals and companies in a particular industry or profession and are often used for lead generation and building brand awareness. We help many clients to promote their attendance and marketing strategies should they be attending an upcoming trade shows.

Live-Streaming Events

Live streaming allows people who are unable to attend in person to see presentations and interact with your brand via social media. It can also be a fun way to offer viewers a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at your event, creating more transparency and giving your company a human face.


Conferences are company-specific events, generally put on by enterprises that have a sizeable and engaged customer base, to deliver information about new product offerings or for educational purposes. We’ll help with everything from technical preparations and marketing, through to guest speaker bookings.

Event marketing, no matter your role

Whether you’re a guest speaker at a global conference, exhibiting at an industry trade event or hosting a digital conference, events can provide a diverse range of opportunities for your organization. No matter the role, we can advise you on the best way to organize your event or market your attendance effectively.


Hosting an event is a great way to boost brand awareness and reach a wider target audience. We’ll help with partial support or full event management, helping you to determine the ideal customer base, promoting your event and measuring overall ROI. We’ll also help you promote the event, invite key guest speakers and boost attendance figures and media coverage.

Exhibiting or Sponsoring

Sponsoring or exhibiting at an event is often a successful way to generate more leads, build brand awareness, network with other businesses and to engage with customers. We’ll help you identify the best events or conferences for your business, book your stand and secure a sponsorship or exhibitor arrangement that returns the very best ROI for your brand.


While securing guest speaking opportunities can be competitive, we have a solid track record of positioning our clients as leading thought leaders. We’ll not only handle your guest speaker booking, but also help you prepare for the big day itself, ensuring you’re fully briefed and ready to communicate your organization’s message effectively.

Event promotion

Full Event Management

From concept to the event day itself, our team has years of experience when it comes to organizing and hosting events in a variety of industries. We’ll help with every aspect of your event from venue hire to guest listing.

Social Media

Social media can provide a valuable communications channel to your event participants, sponsors and the press, so trust us to manage a social media campaign around your event or conference.

Marketing Collateral

We’ll create physical collateral including promotional flyers, name tags, lanyards, schedules and more, to ensure your guests are fully informed with on-brand marketing materials.

Attendees & Venue

Whether you need us to find the perfect venue for your event or are looking to boost your guest list with key industry influencers, we can help.

Event PR

Of course, PR and communications are at the heart of everything we do, so it’s perhaps not surprising that promoting and marketing an event is something we do day in, day out.

Event Press Office

Whether a sporting event or trade conference, we can manage the entire press office taking care of everything from media accreditation to press briefings. As a result, your event will receive maximum exposure and press coverage.

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