We help brands attract, convert, close and delight their customers through effective digital marketing and organic SEO strategies.

An Integrated Digital Marketing & Organic SEO Agency

Organic & Inbound

We use an inbound and organic approach in all our digital marketing efforts. We are experts in organic SEO and believe organic search yields the best return for any business. We’ll help to increase the quality of your organic traffic and use our inbound marketing expertise to ensures you’re effectively generating and nurturing leads.

Global Reach

We’re a far-reaching digital marketing agency covering the UK and North America, so you can trust our team to understand the markets you’re wanting to reach. What’s more, our combination of digital and content-driven tactics means you can reach your desired audience more effectively and without wasting money.

Inbound Marketing

Attract: The first goal in any inbound strategy is to make visitors aware of your company and to get them to visit your website. The objective is to turn strangers into visitors. Let’s face it, you don’t want just anyone coming to your website. Rather, you want people who are most likely to become leads and, ultimately, happy (paying) customers. We help you get more customers to your site by placing relevant content, in the right place at the right time.

Convert: Once we’ve attracted visitors to your site, we need to convert them into leads using the appropriate call to actions. We typically develop landing pages in order to get visitors to exchange personal information in return for something useful – like a white paper or an ebook. The best conversion tools are informative and unique. Our inbound marketing specialists will also help you to develop attractive offers that convert visitors into leads.

Close & Delight: The inbound process doesn’t end once a sale is made. In fact, at this stage, we help you to turn customers into promoters of your business. To do this, we use email and marketing automation as well as conversations to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time, every time. We also create valuable and memorable content that your prospects can continue to engage with and share, resulting in repeat purchases and an ongoing relationship with your brand.

Organic SEO
SEO Content Audit

One of the first steps any good SEO marketing firm should take is to run an extensive audit of the content that exists on your site. This allows us to also implement a strategy going forward. We’ll share our knowledge and resources to furnish you with SEO best-practice, and offer guidance on the best measurement and analytics tools on offer.

Topic-Led Strategy

While keywords remain at the heart of SEO, “topics” are essential to organic growth. We work using the latest Google search intelligence to create a topic-led strategy.

Each of our content marketing and SEO campaigns starts by identifying short-tail keywords (or topics) for which you want to rank for. These keywords are known as a “pillar,” serving as the primary support for a larger “cluster” of long-tail keywords. The content we subsequently create is determined by those long-tail keywords that people are searching for.

Content Creation

Once the pillar and cluster keywords are decided, it’s time to start generating content. Typically, we create pillar pages that are in-depth and detailed resources on a particular topic. We then produce subsequent cluster content such as blogs that relate to the pillar page and include the all-important hyperlinks. This enables your site to build authority in a particular topic area.

Lead Generation
Lead Capture

We’ll help you find new ways to obtain information about your prospects with our intuitive, automated and content-rich lead capture campaigns.

There’s a high chance that about half of your visitors will never return to your website if you do not capture some bit of information about them. In today’s digital age, however, visitors have become wary of call-to-action buttons for fear of endless spam. Our lead generation services follow a simple yet effective approach:

  1. Your brand must give before you ask
  2. Every step of the marketing process (advertisements and promotions) must be valuable in and of itself.
Landing Pages

Landing pages are a hugely important asset for your business when it comes to converting visitors into leads. We create SEO-rich landing pages that facilitate the lead capture process. Landing pages exist separately from your company’s website and are used as a tool for a single marketing campaign. The dual purpose of landing pages is to capture leads and warm up potential customers, two vital factors in moving a customer further down your brand’s sales funnel. 

We use two types of landing pages at Northern Hive. Lead generation landing pages are used to capture a user or company’s information in exchange for something. Click-through landing pages are used to attract the visitor to a specific product or service that a brand is trying to sell.

Lead Scoring

We’ll help your business to establish a points-based approach to lead scoring, ultimately identifying the hottest leads and capitalizing on sales opportunities. Lead scoring is a component of marketing automation software that prioritizes leads according to their levels of engagement with your inbound marketing content. Ultimately this helps you figure out who is ready to buy. For example, downloading an e-book may be worth 5 points, while unsubscribing would be -7 points. Lead scoring provides a company with real-time feedback on how responsive particular leads are to your marketing efforts. It can also indicate people who are ready to buy from you but haven’t yet been in contact with you.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the purposeful process of engaging a defined target group by providing relevant content and information at each stage of the buyer’s journey, positioning your brand as the best choice to enable them to achieve their objectives. Nurturing is far more than simply sending random email blasts.

Before we get started on any lead nurturing campaign, we take time to clearly define your goals. After all, it’s important to be clear about what is considered “success”. Without clear objectives of what we are trying to accomplish with your lead nurturing campaigns, you’ll never really know if you are seeing success or not.

We never stop testing and learning what resonates best with your buyer persona. Using every touchpoint as an opportunity for A/B testing, we continually adjust and improve lead nurturing campaigns to achieve established goals. Our lead nurturing services can have a profound and lasting on a business’s success.

Email Marketing
Email Campaigns

Email marketing is an effective and powerful tool. As a leading email marketing agency, we’ll help your brand to create email marketing campaigns that are valuable, relevant, expected and integrated.

Email marketing is only as good as the quality of your recipient list. Each year there is a natural decay of contacts, as people change jobs or email addresses. We’ll help you to update and replenish your list, preventing stagnation and burn out. We’ll devise goal-led email campaigns on your behalf and manage email lists to ensure they remain relevant and replenished. We see top-of-the-funnel lead generation as an essential part of a successful email marketing strategy.

Email List Segmentation

It is essential to send the right message to the right person at the right time, so we’ll work with you to segment your contact database based on demographics, behavior or both.

This is a vital step in increasing the relevancy of your email, according to a MarketingSherpa study.

By segmenting your lists effectively, we can help to devise campaigns that send relevant emails and return better results.

Email Analytics

We use several email analytics tools alongside real-time data to track, monitor and evaluate email campaigns to make changes and achieve key objectives.

While many metrics can be used to assess the effectiveness of an email campaign, we commonly use the following:

Email Opens: Checking the open rates, average open rate and identifying who read your email is a vital step in assessing email performance.

Points of Interest: Which part of your email was best received? You can find this out by checking how many “clicks” the email received.

Timing: Identifying the best time to send an email to your prospects and clients is often a case of “trial and error”. We work with you to establish the most effective times to send your emails based on A/B testing and other data measurements.

Device Compatibility: While it may be fairly obvious that more and more of us are using mobile devices to read email, there are exceptions in certain industries. Knowing how your email is being read is a strong supporting metric.

Improvements: Armed with analytics data, we can help you to refine your email marketing campaign to facilitate the needs of your prospects and clients, and ultimately generate more leads.

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