As a crisis communications agency, we’ll help you prepare for anything

A crisis interrupts everyday operations and has the potential to cause financial losses, destruction of property, personal injury, loss of life, security breaches, and damage to an organisation’s reputation. Reputations built up over generations can be tarnished in an instant, and a cool head and clear communication plan are essential to ensure your business can move forward successfully. By using an intelligence-led approach that incorporates digital monitoring, we are trusted advisors before, during and after a crisis.

The best time to prepare for a crisis is before the crisis has happened. That’s why we’ll help you to create an incident response and crisis management plan in advance. We’ll help you identify your crisis response team, develop holding statements, implement crisis policies and carry out training exercises to be ready for anything.

Structural Issues

Structural issues typically revolve around major long-term trends in society such as globalisation or technological developments. While your organisation won’t have control over these issues, it will need to be fully briefed and visibly aware.

Internal Issues

We’ll help you with long or short-term issues that an organisation faces from within. These could be employee relations, restructuring, or a succession policy.

Current Affairs

Owing to the immediate public interest and intense media scrutiny, our team will help your brand react to issues around current affairs.

External Issues

These largely contextual issues include environmental concerns and climate change, community concerns, and political imperatives.


While most crises are unforeseen short-term events, some can have long-term effects on an organisation. Our comprehensive crisis management service will help you prepare, react and recover.

Potential Issues

Preparing for issues that have not yet emerged is an important part of any strategic planning. We help organisations develop an intelligence alert system to anticipate future issues. We do this by liaising with think tanks, industry groups and communities and future groups.

When a crisis hits, we’ll be there

As a trusted crisis communications agency, we’ve worked with a number of clients during times of crisis. We are trusted partners who remain calm and focused throughout. Most importantly, we’ll ensure your crisis plan is carried out effectively, without speculation or mistruths. In today’s digital age, we’ll help you to listen and respond during a crisis maintaining a consistent message throughout.

Once the most intense part of the crisis has passed, it’s time to start rebuilding. During this final stage, our crisis team typically address the evolution of the crisis with you helping to mitigate the lasting effects. It’s important to maintain communication even after the crisis has passed, and to carry out effective debriefs to make any improvements next times. If you’re looking for a crisis communications agency, look no further – contact us today.

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