The team behind the Wreck My Dress Experience created a concept where guests could immerse themselves in their own photoshoot or movie. The Manchester-based studio brought together industry professionals including celebrity makeup artists, camera crew, stuntmen and photographers to create memorable and iconic experiences for every conceivable occasion.

We were briefed to launch the Wreck My Dress Experience with an exciting event. We decided to release very little information to the 240 celebrity guests and media attendees in advance in an effort to build suspense. Following a red carpet arrival, we treated guests to a live stunt. The venue was transformed into an action movie film set with stunt actors putting on a dazzling display to rescue a stolen dress. As the flames died down and the dress was saved, the Wreck My Dress logo rose up from the ashes. The movie set showed guests what they could create – a truly different and elaborate way to celebrate a special occasion. The evening also allowed guests the chance to get up close and personal to makeup studios, dressing rooms and VIP areas – all of which could be hired as part of the VIP experience.

Credit: Manchester Evening News

The launch event earned 25,236 social engagements. The event featured in The Daily Mail and Mail Online, Manchester Evening News, Manchester’s Finest, Now Magazine, Cosmopolitan, OK!, Brides and Granada Reports.