Muscle Mousse is a luxurious protein dessert that contains 30g protein in every serving. The product comes in six flavours and is widely used by those in the fitness sector who want to enjoy tasty gains as part of a healthy diet.

We worked with Muscle Mousse, managing a social media campaign aimed at driving awareness and engagement. During the campaign, we took advantage of a number of social media influencers and fitness brand partnerships to reach a wider audience. We also created the Great British Mousse Off, a competition which encouraged consumers to share their creations and bakes using Muscle Mousse product. We engaged celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale to judge the competition.

The competition resulted in 500 entries and 26,543 social media engagements. During the campaign, Muscle Mousse’s social channels saw an increase of 8,534 followers. We also increased social media engagement by promoting the Mousse Tour, in which the moose character visited supplement shops and gyms around the country.