We’ve helped a number of exciting e-commerce, lifestyle and sport brands to launch or refresh their marketing efforts and communications strategy. As lifestyle PR consultants and marketing strategists, we combine our expertise with global insight and data.

Consumer PR & Marketing


The retail sector seems to face a never-ending battle to keep up with consumer demand, changing shopping habits and now a global pandemic. Our communications and marketing campaigns for this sector are designed to adapt quickly. They’re also hugely driven by data and insights, informed by consumer behaviour and continually monitored to ensure ROI.

Lifestyle and Hospitality

We’ve worked with a number of brands in the lifestyle sector including fitness brands, private healthcare facilities, hotels and restaurants. Lifestyle brands and those in the hospitality sector have to work hard to stand out in a crowded marketplace, so our consumer PR team works with each individual business to identify their brand voice and communicate it effectively across multiple channels.


Our sports marketing team work with sporting events, individuals, brands and product manufacturers to create strategic and engaging marketing campaigns. Whether driving footfall and sales or managing the reputation and narrative for an individual, we work closely to tailor campaigns that reach this highly engaged audience. Our experience running event press offices is particularly useful for this sector.

Travel and Tourism

Our travel and tourism marketing team are well-traveled and well connected, helping brands in this space to reach their desired audience and engage with a global market. Our consumer PR team features travel writers trusted by a number of international media outlets. This helps to secure earned media and has resulted in widespread coverage for clients including in Forbes, Metro, The Washington Post, and Trivago’s Room 5 Magazine.


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