Welcome to Northern Hive, an international PR and digital marketing agency passionate about effective and strategic communications and inbound marketing.

We help brands grow better through effective communications and content-driven campaigns.

While the traditional PR agency model has certainly changed, communication remains at the heart of everything we do at Northern Hive. PR, digital and content marketing are something of an inevitable marriage but our work isn’t simply about creating great content. With so much content available online, brand content must stand out from the crowd. As a modern, international digital marketing and PR agency, we place content in the right place at the right time on the right platform, reaching your target audience and driving more leads and conversions.

While we’re public relations strategists at heart, we are also digital and content marketing experts able to provide a full service for clients. Whether advising CEOs on the best way forward with an acquisition announcement or assisting developers with a new building project PR plan, we are trusted partners for clients around the world. We can execute a full service marketing and PR campaign, or provide ad-hoc support alongside an in-house marketing team. A flexible approach and business-driven results are assured.



We Help Clients “Grow Better”


We’re passionate about helping brands to tell their story, creating great content to attract, delight and convert visitors through the inbound methodology. We love inbound as it can be seen and measured. The old PR agency approach simply isn’t fit for purpose in today’s digital world, and our agency offers communications, brand strategy, inbound and digital marketing services all in one place, providing a greater level of value for the brands we work with. Without the fluff.


As a forward-thinking PR agency, we believe any successful relationship relies on spark. We pride ourselves on generating honest, transparent partnerships with those we work with. From using an email account from your domain as your in-house press officer to spending time working in your office and getting to know staff, we become an extension of your in-house team. We become an integral part of your brand and business, helping us to gain a greater understanding of what you do and ultimately return the best results possible.


We’re located in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, enabling us to develop relationships with some of the biggest and brightest, particularly in the technology space. We believe great communications and marketing campaigns have no borders and are at their most successful when incorporating global trends and world influencers. Our transatlantic approach means clients benefit from a wider reach when it comes to media relations and audience engagement. By spanning a number of timezones, we can react swiftly to the needs of our clients.


Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements and see how we can add spark to your communications and marketing campaigns. Book a no-obligation meeting with us and we’ll even buy you a coffee.

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